E.J. Forman

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BACKGROUND Single embryo transfer (SET) provides the most certain means to reduce the risk of multiple gestation. Regrettably, prospective trials of SET have demonstrated reductions in per-cycle delivery rates. A validated method of comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) has the potential to optimize SET by transferring only euploid embryos. This(More)
STUDY QUESTION When a chromosome aneuploidy is detected in the first polar body and a reciprocal loss or gain of the same chromosome is detected in the second polar body, is the resulting embryo usually aneuploid for that chromosome? SUMMARY ANSWER When reciprocal aneuploidy occurs in polar bodies, the resulting embryo is usually normal for that(More)
In this paper, a novel method for automated diagnosis of cervical cancer by extracting cytoplasm and nuclei from cervical cytology images is described. The background is removed by preprocessing methods like Edge sharpening and Adaptive Histogram Equalization. Fuzzy thresholding and Active contours are used for extracting the region of interest containing(More)
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