E.J. Bueno

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The objective of this paper is to analyse the influence of a non-ideal grid over hysteresis controllers of converters connected to the grid through both L and LCL filters. The paper will describe the different possible configurations in both cases, analysing the effect of a general R-L grid. Limit values for both grid inductance and resistance are given for(More)
This paper describes a communication architecture for a digital controller based on DSP-FPGA to be used in power electronic systems. For high rate transmissions, the proposed architecture has an USB bus implemented with a minimum use of the DSP core, using enhanced direct memory access and external memory interface modules of a TMS320C6713 high performance(More)
This work presents a recursive algorithm to estimate the grid equivalent impedance and generator from the current and voltage measurements performed in the common coupling point, PCC, of a power converter. The method is based in a recursive least squares algorithm performed over the complex space. The described method works on-line, has low computational(More)
In the field of mobile robots ever more frequent use is being made of ultrasonic sensors composed of several transducers carrying out readings simultaneously and in a coordinated way. These sensors can read not only the distances but also listening angles, and they can also determine the reflector type (i.e. edge, plane or corner). To this end it is(More)
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