E. J. Bueno

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In this work, the goals of the ongoing research project " Development of an Intelligent Data Analysis System for Knowledge Management in Environmental Data Bases " are presented. This project started in 2000, and the Spanish Government will finance it until 2003. Its main goal is to design and develop a prototype of a tool for intelligent data analysis and(More)
Cleavage factor I (CFI) proteins are core components of the polyadenylation machinery that can regulate several steps of mRNA life cycle, including alternative polyadenylation, splicing, export and decay. Here, we describe the regulatory mechanisms that control two fungal CFI protein classes in Magnaporthe oryzae: Rbp35/CfI25 complex and Hrp1. Using(More)
In the field of mobile robots ever more frequent use is being made of ultrasonic sensors composed of several transducers carrying out readings simultaneously and in a coordinated way. These sensors can read not only the distances but also listening angles, and they can also determine the reflector type (i.e. edge, plane or corner). To this end it is(More)
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