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Existing standards of the management of the diabetic patients are not efficient enough, and further improvement is needed. The major objective of this paper is to present and discuss the therapeutic effectiveness of an intensive care telematic system designed and applied for intensive treatment of pregnant type 1 diabetic women. The developed system(More)
A telematic system supporting intensive insulin treatment of pregnant type 1 diabetic out-clinic patients was implemented and technical efficiency of the system was evaluated over long-term ambulatory application. The system consists of a patient teletransmission module (PTM) and a central clinical control unit (CCU). The PTM contains a one-box blood(More)
Nephropathy and proliferative retinopathy are widely known as the most serious complications of diabetes. In the paper the analysis of the course of pregnancy, labour and neonatal complications among mothers with White class F, R, FR and T was made. The study group consisted of 44 patients. Primary hypertension was observed in 17 (38.6%) patients. The(More)
Fetal macrosomia is commonly associated with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) which may lead to various complications. We attended to establish maternal constitutional and metabolic risk factors responsible for the genesis of macrosomia. 219 GDM mothers were divided into two groups treated by diet or insulin. This study shows that maternal glycemic(More)
The authors made an effort to verify the connection between the presence of risk factors for GDM and results of screening and diagnostic tests. Study group consisted 302 patients. Gestational diabetes was more frequently diagnosed when an excessive maternal weight and family history of diabetes occurred. Among women with gestational diabetes recognised on(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of glucocorticoids treatment, administered for a severe risk of premature delivery. The study material consisted of 30 diabetic mothers treated with intensive insulin therapy. The effects of steroid treatment on glucose level two days prior, one day prior, during 1-, or 2-, or 3-days therapy and the(More)