E. Islas Pérez

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Human astroviruses (HAstVs) are a leading cause of viral diarrhea in young children, the immunocompromised, and the elderly. There are no vaccines or antiviral therapies against HAstV disease. Several lines of evidence point to the presence of protective antibodies in healthy adults as a mechanism governing protection against reinfection by HAstV. However,(More)
In this paper, we propose a case-based reasoning scheme in which we extract domain knowledge (in the form of design patterns) from a genetic algorithm used to optimize combinational logic circuits at the gate level. Such information is used in two ways: first, we show how the selection pressure of the genetic algorithm is biased by Boolean simplification(More)
In this paper we show how case-based reasoning techniques can be used to extract and reuse solutions previously found by a heuristic (a genetic algorithm in our case) used to solve problems in a specific domain (MSI and SSI combinational circuit design). This reuse of partially built solutions allows us to improve convergence time of our heuristic since the(More)
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