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We discuss the properties of the host galaxy and ring light distributions in the optical and near infrared bands for a sample of Polar Ring Galaxies (PRGs), presented in Paper I (Iodice et al. 2002b). The goal of this work is to test different formation scenarios for PRGs, proposed by different authors in the last decades, by comparing their predictions(More)
We present results of our investigation of two multi-spin galaxies which were taken from the catalog of polar ring galaxies. All of them possess nucleus-like knots. An analysis of gas and stars kinematics and study of the stellar population were carried out for these objects. A complex structure and peculiar kinematics of both components were revealed. The(More)
An expert system has been developed which converts a description of transistor connectivity into a parameterized CMOS module. PAMS was designed to augment a standard cell environment by automatically generating special purpose modules parameterized in terms of area, speed, and power dissipation. Allowing parameterization differentiates PAMS from previous(More)
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