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Several in vitro tests are necessary to evaluate the biological compatibility of materials used to manufacture implants for humans or animals. These tests will indicate whether these materials can be tolerated when implanted in vivo. Since ceramic materials are suitable for coating layers, it was decided to study their performance by adding certain oxides(More)
One hundred and ninety-three shoulder arthrographies were performed between 1979 and 1985 on patients affected by recurrent dislocations. The diagnostic doubt was cleared up in 162 cases (83%). Arthrographic diagnosis was confirmed by pathological findings in 92% of the patients who underwent surgery. The double-contrast technique under local anaesthesia(More)
Low back pain caused by degenerative disc disease is of such intensity in a low percentage of cases that surgery is indicated. Surgery must not only stabilize, but it must above all correct the deformity, recovering the disc space. Among all of the methods available circumferential fusion with a double combined approach, that is, anterior and posterior, is(More)
Stenosis of the nerve root canal caused by isolated resorption of a lumbar disc is a frequently observed pathology, but one about which the orthopaedist still knows relatively little. Henry Crock was the first to reveal its principal pathogenetic factor, disc resorption, and to accurately describe the syndrome and its surgical treatment. A total of 22(More)
Endomedullary nailing as proposed by Ender is an important alternative in the treatment of trochanteric and basicervical fractures of the femur (Amici et al., 1980; Carret et al., 1980; Ender, 1970; Kempf et al., 1979; Zinghi et al., 1979). Rush's concept (Eiffel Tower, for the distal epiphysis) is reproposed with some variations and transposed to the(More)
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