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Seven patients operated on for intracerebral tumors received a course of large fractionating irradiation during which the patients' clinical status, changes of the ventricular CSF pressure, intracerebral pressure of the interstitial liquid, biochemical parameters of the blood and CSF and the EEG summary rate were assessed over time. The patients' reaction(More)
Horizontal "extension-flexion" movement of human arm at the elbow joint was studied. Humans performed movements in accordance with the instruction to ignore sudden trajectory changes that arose by the arm during lengthening of different elastic rods with friction. It was shown by multi-dimension regression analysis that the electric activity of biceps and(More)
Some peculiarities of invisible oscillations of man's body during his standing are reproduced using a mathematical model. The stability of the corresponding dynamic system with two delayed feedbacks and its behaviour in response to irregular and regular effects has been investigated. The results are compared with the experimental data. It is suggested that(More)
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