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BACKGROUND/AIMS The role of surgical procedures in the treatment of acute pancreatitis is still unclear. The aim of the present study was to analyze the mortality in acute pancreatitis in Turku University Central Hospital during the last quarter century with special reference to the prevailing surgical treatment trends. METHODOLOGY A total of 3921(More)
Fifty-seven patients who were treated conservatively for colonic diverticulitis between 1977 and 1979 were followed for at least 10 years. Twenty-four patients had two or more episodes of diverticulitis, but only three had surgery on a prophylactic basis because of recurrent attacks. None of the patients had any serious complications during the follow-up.(More)
A woman with a 20-year history of alcohol abuse and chronic pancreatitis developed an osteoarticular involvement of her right ankle in association with subcutaneous nodules. Histopathological examination of the tissue samples obtained during surgical revision of the ankle showed necrotic fat and connective tissue. Microbiological cultures remained negative.(More)
The fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies performed on thyroid nodules at Turku University Central Hospital from 1983 to 1988 were reviewed. Of the 1,054 total aspirated nodules, 194 were investigated histologically after thyroid surgery (191 cases) or at autopsy (3 cases). Two cases with an insufficient FNA sample, 4 with an incidental occult papillary(More)
In addition to the many advantages of external fixation, e.g., Hoffmann's osteotaxis technique, in the treatment of severe, open tibial fractures (grades II and III), some disadvantages result from both technical factors and the nature of the bone injury. Risk of delayed union or nonunion and secondary bone atrophy is due not only to the severity,(More)
One hundred and forty-seven consecutive patients who were treated for appendicular abscess were studied retrospectively, to evaluate conservative and operative treatment. 69 patients (47%) were primarily treated conservatively; of them six (9%) had to be operated on in the acute phase because of worsening of the symptoms. 78 patients (53%) were operated on(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS In the surgical treatment of breast cancer, breast conservation is considered preferable to mastectomy provided that certain prerequisites are fulfilled. This retrospective analysis reports those factors which affected the choice between operations. MATERIAL AND METHODS In 1993, a total of 104 women were operated on for breast cancer(More)
Results of insulin and pentagastrin tests 2 months after parietal cell vagotomy were compared with clinical outcome in six patients with subsequent duodenal recurrence of ulcer, ten with pyloric or gastric recurrence, 43 with dyspepsia and 75 persistently symptom-free controls. The insulin-stimulated peak acid output (IPAO) and the pentagastrin-stimulated(More)
Altogether 540 succesful insulin tests were performed on 377 patients after vagotomy, on 316 patients less than three months after the operation (early phase) and on 182 patients between three months and nine years after (late phase). The proportion of positive insulin test responses after vagotomy and antral resection was similar in the selective gastric(More)