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Study of neuronal activity in hypothalamus areas of self-stimulation in rats showed two types of neurones. Some of them had an increased frequency at food and water deprivation and they had maximum activation at current stimulation, eliciting motivational behaviour. Others had maximum activation at current level, eliciting self-stimulation effects, some of(More)
In experiments on rats, the influence was studied of dalargin on the elaboration and preservation of various homogeneous and heterogeneous conditioned reflexes (CRs) elaborated in single and multiple pairings. The effect of dalargin on the processes of learning and memory was compared with the action of the peptide on the activity of hypothalamic neurones.(More)
59 neurons were recorded in 27 male white rats' ventromedial hypothalamus. In satiation after 1-2 day water and food deprivation, 24 neurons decreased (I type), 16 ones increased (II type) and 19 neurons did not change the frequency rate (III type). Single stimuli of lateral preoptic area and lateral hypothalamus induced mostly an activation in I type(More)
In experiments on white outbred male rats the specificity was studied of the influence and mechanisms of action of acute alcoholization (30%-solution of ethanol, intraperitoneally, 0.7 g/kg) on the activity of functionally different neurones of the ventromedial hypothalamus. Experimental results showed that the neurones, the activity of which lowered after(More)
In unrestrained rats, neuronal activity of the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) was studied in fasting, satiation and motivational-emotional states induced with electrical stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus (LH) and VMH. Three types of nervous cells were distinguished. The 1st-type neurons decreased their firing rate in satiation and revealed no obvious(More)
In alert rabbits, pulse stimulation of the visual cortex interfered with the formation of short latency responses in superior colliculus. The effect of visual cortex upon the superior colliculus function may have a phasic inhibitory character. Blockade of the RF adrenergic apparatus enhances the inhibitory effect, whereas stimulation of the RF by anodal(More)
Neuronal activity of the ventromedial hypothalamus was studied in food- and water-deprived, saturated unrestrained rats and after i. p. administrations of alcohol, nembutal, 5-HT and disulphiram. The neurons whose activity did not depend on motivational states decreased their firing rate. The data obtained suggests that motivational and emotional effects of(More)
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