E. I. Kovzun

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The expression of endothelial and inducible NO synthase in the human adrenal glands was studied under a change in the concentration of K+, which plays a regulatory role in aldosterone secretion. K+ ions stimulated the expression of both isoforms of NO synthase in the human adrenal cortex. A stimulatory effect of K+ on NO synthase is probably related to(More)
The influence of 17beta-estradiol on cAMP and cGMP levels, protein kinases A and C activityand corticosteroids secretion was investigated in postoperative human adrenal cortex tissue. cAMP accumulation in adrenocorticocytes increased uiider the influence of 17beta-estradiol. In vitro estradiol raised the activities of protein kinases A and C in membrane(More)
Isolated adrenocortical cells of guinea pigs whom injected with prolactin (PRL) during 3 days incorporated [3H] choline into phosphatidylcholine more intensively than those cells of animals in control. Labelling of intracellular pools of choline and phosphorylcholine remained unchanged, though a part of radioactivity represented by the water-soluble(More)
Biochemical processes initiated by estrogenic hormones in the organs which are not directly related to reproduction were described in the survey on the basis of literature and the authors' own studies. The importance of these compounds in the regulation of fundamental biological processes has been established in the last decades. The biochemical mechanisms(More)
The effect of prolactin on the guinea pig adrenal cortex is studied in a model of dexamethasone-induced atrophy. Prolactin elevates the content of free and total cholesterol per tissue weight but does not affect the specific activity of hydrocortisone synthesized in the presence of labeled cholesterol. It is concluded that prolactin has no direct effect on(More)
The influence of estradiol-17 beta on corticosteroids production and cell proliferation were studied in the cultured pig adrenocortical cells. Estradiol-17 beta considerably increased steroidogenesis, but inhibited cell proliferation. It is speculated, that cAMP mediated estradiol-17 beta effects in the adrenal cells.
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