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A correlation between the detection of proteins and an activity of the pathological process was analyzed in a study of the content of the C virus hepatitis (CVH) proteins in hepatic cells of patients with chronic C hepatitis (CCH). The expression of CVH proteins in frozen sections of biopsy samples of 69 CCH patients was evaluated by using the(More)
Delta infection was investigated in patients with chronic viral hepatitis by means of detecting antibodies to the delta agent in the patients' blood with the use of radioimmunoassay. It was demonstrated that chronic viral hepatitis B is often (in 44.5% of cases) associated with delta infection and takes a course similar to that of chronic hepatitis A. In(More)
AIM To evaluate diagnostic value of serologic fibrosis markers (hyaluronic acid--HA and type IV collagen C-IV) in patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC) and hepatic cirrhosis (HC). MATERIAL AND METHODS HA and C-IV were measured in 88 CHC patients with fibrosis stage 1 (n = 63) and 3 (n = 25), 13 patients with acute hepatitis C (AHC), 28 patients with(More)
AIM To study effectiveness of recombinant interferon-alpha (Ifna) in patients with chronic hepatitis C with normal transaminases. MATERIAL AND METHODS 26 patients with positive tests for abHCV and RNA HCV with a normal level of alaninaminotransferase (AlAT) entered the study. 16 patients of the test group received recombinant Ifna three times a week in a(More)
Five HBsAg carriers were examined by clinical, biochemical, radionuclide, immunologic and histomorphologic methods. Different variants of structural and functional relations were established. Attempts were made to eradicate the persistent virus carrierstate with the aid of the antiviral drug virasol, the immunomodulating drug levamisole, nonspecific (BCG(More)
Experiments in noninbred mice, Syrian hamsters and grey monkeys were made to characterize the pathogenic properties of new strain of the California encephalitis serogroup isolated for the first time on the island of Taimir, in the Murmansk, Leningrad, Tver regions and in Karelia. All the strains displayed marked tropism for the CNS. The strains isolated in(More)
AIM To assess efficacy and safety of ingavirin in the treatment of the flu caused by pandemic virus of flu A (H1N1) sw1 in hospitalized patients compared with oseltamivir. MATERIAL AND METHODS A population-based comparative multicenter trial included 194 patients with verified diagnosis of the flu aged 18-60 years with marked clinical symptoms, body(More)
The laboratory verified cases of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in the piedmont steppes of the North Caucasus (Malgobeksky District, Republic of Ingushetia) are first described. The source of the first infection was Ixodidae ticks; three subsequent sources were contacts with the bloody discharges from patients. CCHF virus genome was detected in the(More)