E I Ivanov

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Development of the spiral ganglion in white rats was followed during the first 2 weeks after birth and morphological characteristics of the two neuronal types (I and II) were examined. In some neurons different stages of partial degeneration leading to formation of residual bodies were found without observation of degenerated cell, supporting the idea that(More)
Immobilization stress induced catecholamines level changes were studied in brain nuclei, taking part in blood pressure central regulation in rats with different zoosocial position. The significant differences in catecholamines level between the zoosocial groups of rats were shown in dopamine synthesized hypothalamic nuclei-n. arcuatus, n. periventricularis(More)
A modified open-field test was used in the experiments on rats. It was shown that animals 6 days after bilateral coagulation of locus coeruleus displayed weight changes and some behavioural parameters distinct from those of sham-operated and control animals. The most pronounced differences observed in animals after locus coeruleus coagulation, as compared(More)
In the guinea pig, the organ of Corti and the spiral ganglion cells were destroyed by administering gentamicin into the inner ear. The antero-ventral cochlear nucleus (AVCN) was studied with electron microscopy 15 and 30 days after treatment. There does not seem to be a specific type of degeneration induced by the drug. For nerve terminals, a progressive(More)
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