E I Fedorov

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Preseismic intensification of fracturing has been investigated from occurrence analysis of seismo-acoustic pulses (SA foreshocks) and ULF magnetic pulses (ULF foreshocks) observed in Karimshino station in addition to seismic foreshocks. Such analysis is produced for about 40 rather strong and nearby isolated earthquakes during 2 years of recording. It is(More)
Some results of ULF magnetic field observation at Karimshino site (Kamchatka, Russia) since June 2000 to September 2001 are presented here. Using case study we have found an effect of suppression of ULF intensity about 2–6 days before rather strong and nearby seismic shocks (magnitude M = 4.0 − 6.2). It is revealed for nighttime and horizontal component of(More)
  • E I Fedorov
  • Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii, i…
  • 1983
Q fever occurs in all geographical landscape zones and in most administrative regions of the Ukrainian SSR. The disease was diagnosed in those areas where no such cases had ever been registered. In the Kharkov region the examination of 425 fever patients with unclear diagnosis resulted in diagnosing 5 cases of Q fever. The proportion of seropositive persons(More)