E. I. Chumasov

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Using the immunohistochemical methods for detection of neurofilaments (NF), peripherin (PRF), synaptophysin (SF), tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and Nissl-staining with toluidine blue, thick sections (10-20 microm) prepared through all parts of pancreas of adult Wistar rats (n=7) were studied. The topography and the density of distribution of pancreatic islets(More)
In conditions of experimental atherisclerosis mature Chinchilla rabbits acquire dystrophic changes of different severeness in neurons, synapses, nervous fibres, perineurium and blood vessel endothelium of the superior cervical sympathetic ga (SCSG) during one month. It is suggested that B-lipoproteins penetrate easily th of SCSG capillaries (of sinusoidal(More)
A protein with neurite-stimulating activity was isolated from bovine brain tissue lysosomal fraction. The organotypic culture of dorsal root ganglia (DRG) of 10-11-day-old chick embryo was used to test neurite-stimulating activity. A cation protein (16,000 Da) has been purified using a combination of extraction of acid-soluble proteins, preparative(More)
Using electron microscopy, a study was made of the dynamics of development of the cerebral cortex and spinal cord in 14-day-old rat embryos implanted into the sciatic nerve of mature rats. It is shown that the implanted neural elements of the cortex and spinal cord survive for 8 months and differentiate from neuroepithelial cells and neuroblasts into young(More)
The character of contusive changes has been determined in the skin and sciatic nerve after lesion of soft tissues of the extremity with a high-speed small-bore bullet. A high-speed filming, tensiometry have been used. They allow to observe and measure processes of formation of the temporal pulsating cavity appearing at the moment of injury in the block of(More)
In this investigation the peculiarities of innervation of bronchi and blood vessels of the lung were studied in 20 rats using immunohistochemical demonstration of synaptophysin and alpha-actin. The results obtained have showen that the densest innervation is typical for bronchial walls, particularly, for the muscular lamina. Synaptophysin-immunoreactive(More)
Reparative processes in the sciatic nerve of rats were studied by histological methods after a cryogenic injury with a combined and separate action of drugs Lactovit and Balise-2. The animals were divided into 5 groups: I--intact animals; II--control animals; III--animals treated with Balise-2; IV--animals treated with Lactovit; V--animals treated with both(More)
The nervus ischiadicus in white noninbred rats has been damaged by various means and then light- and electron-microscopically the sources of origin of macrophages, participating in removal of decay products in the distal part of the nerve have been studied. There is a close correlation between the process of Wallerian degeneration and aseptic inflammation.(More)
Comparison of pathohistological changes occurring in nerves after injection of agents into them with clinical observations showed that if the toxicity of the agent is sufficiently high to destroy the neuro-tissue barrier, or a less toxic agent is injected under the epineurium then degenerative changes develop in the nerve and their outcome depends on the(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the long-term reactive changes in the subventricular zone (SVZ) of the rat brain lateral ventricles after the intraventricular injection of beta-amyloid peptide (BAP). It was found that 3 months after BAP injection ependymal cells and SVZ cells reacted to the intraventricular BAP injection by the formation of(More)