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BACKGROUND Successful management of diabetes requires attention to the behavioural, psychological and social aspects of this progressive condition. The Diabetes MILES (Management and Impact for(More)
AIMS To evaluate structured type 1 diabetes education delivered in routine practice throughout Australia. METHODS Participants attended a five-day training program in insulin dose adjustment and(More)
BACKGROUND Negative attitudes towards insulin are commonly reported by people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and can act as a barrier to timely insulin initiation. The Insulin Treatment(More)
AIMS To investigate the contribution of general and diabetes-specific emotional wellbeing and beliefs about medicines in the prediction of insulin therapy appraisals in adults with(More)
AIM To identify insulin therapy appraisals among adults with Type 2 diabetes using insulin and how negative appraisals relate to clinical, self-care and psychosocial outcomes. METHODS Diabetes(More)