E. Hollins Williams

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in the United States " establish a mechanism for specifying annual catch limits. .. at a level such that overfishing does not occur in the fishery . .. " (MSRA, 2006). This requirement , which ref lects an increased emphasis on conservation, is new in the sense that prevention of overfish-ing is mandated to be through annual catch limits (ACLs), rather than(More)
Marine fisheries management strives to maintain sustainable populations while allowing exploitation. However, well-intentioned management plans may not meet this balance as most do not include the effect of climate change. Ocean temperatures are expected to increase through the 21st century, which will have far-reaching and complex impacts on marine(More)
Most approaches to f ishery management rely on results from stock assessment. Data-limited situations, however, may not conform to conventional assessment methods, necessitating other approaches to management (Kruse et al., 2005). One possible approach with data-limited stocks is to assign them to assemblages that are managed as units. Ideally, each(More)
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