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In this paper, we design numerical methods for a PDE system arising in corrosion modeling. This system describes the evolution of a dense oxide layer. It is based on a drift–diffusion system and includes moving boundary equations. The choice of the numerical methods is justified by a stability analysis and by the study of their numerical performance.(More)
Lie-symmetry based integrators are constructed in order to preserve the local invariance properties of the equations. The geometrical methods leading to discretized equations for numerical computations involve many different concepts. Therefore they give rise to numerical schemes that vary in the accuracy, in the computational cost and in the(More)
Differential equations arising in fluid mechanics are usually derived from the intrinsic properties of mechanical systems, in the form of conservation laws, and bear symmetries, which are not generally preserved by a finite difference approximation, and leading to inaccurate numerical results. This paper proposes a method that enables us to build a scheme(More)
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