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Thromboembolic complications remain as one of the main problems for blood contacting artificial organs such as heart valves, bloodpumps and others. In vitro evaluation of thrombogenesis in prototypes has not previously been part of the standard evaluation of these devices. In comparison to hemolysis testing, evaluation of the thrombogenic potential is more(More)
OBJECTIVE Although a large variety of animal models for acute ischemia and acute heart failure exist, valuable models for studies on the effect of ventricular assist devices in chronic heart failure are scarce. We aimed to establish a stable and reproducible animal model of chronic heart failure in sheep. METHODS Sheep (n=8, 77 +/- 4 kg) were anesthesized(More)
Josef Koncz (1916-1988) was until given emeritus status in 1982 director of the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, which was specifically founded for him in Goettingen, Germany. By the fusion of three different surgical branches the University hospital of Goettingen took over the role of a pacemaker and initiated a standard in the(More)
Lipid-apheresis (LA) is thought to improve microcirculation. However, limited data are available on the effects on peripheral microcirculation. We investigated upper limb microcirculation of 22 patients undergoing regular LA on a weekly basis before and after LA. Using standardized semiquantitative scales, we analyzed blood flow, vasomotor function, and(More)
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