E. Hernández

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Hand-held optical imagers are developed by various researchers towards reflectance-based spectroscopic imaging of breast cancer. Recently, a Gen-1 handheld optical imager was developed with capabilities to perform two-dimensional (2-D) spectroscopic as well as three-dimensional (3-D) tomographic imaging studies. However, the imager was bulky with poor(More)
The four-spotted coconut weevil, Diocalandra frumenti Fabricius (Coleoptera: Dryophthoridae), is a small weevil found attacking economically important palm species, such as coconut, date, oil, and Canary palms. Given the scarcity of detection and management tools for this pest, the availability of a pheromone to be included in trapping protocols would be a(More)
Studies about the sex pheromone of the mealybug Dysmicoccus grassii , a main pest of Canary Islands banana cultivars, showed strong evidence that (-)-(R)-lavandulyl propionate and acetate in a 6:1 ratio are principal components of it. Volatile collection and GC-MS analysis from aeration of virgin females allowed the structural elucidation of the compounds.(More)
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