E. Hernández-Martín

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Enzymatic syntheses of biodiesel via alcoholysis of different vegetable oils (sunflower, borage, olive and soybean) have been studied. Loss of lipase activity induced by the nucleophile is greater with methanol than with ethanol, and is greater for Lipozyme TL IM than for Novozym 435. The optimum volume of ethanol depends on the loading of solid biocatalyst(More)
New structured lipids essentially free of saturated fatty acids and rich in essential fatty acids and CLA were prepared from soybean oil using a selective enzymatic procedure of synthesis. Saturated fatty acids originally present in the oil were selectively removed in a selective alcoholysis step. Enzymatic re-esterification with conjugated linoleic acid(More)
An immobilized lipase from Thermomyces lanuginosus (TL IM) was employed to mediate the continuous transesterification of sesame oil and fully hydrogenated soybean oil (FHSBO) in a packed-bed reactor operating at 70 degrees C. Reactions between sesame oil (rich in LLL (15.97%), LOL (31.56%), and OLO (21.15%) [L = linoleic; O = oleic]) and the fully(More)
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