E Hennes

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BACKGROUND Acute cerebellitis (AC) is characterized by cerebellar symptoms and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) changes primarily confined to the cerebellum. OBJECTIVE To analyze the neurological and cognitive long-term outcome of children with AC. METHODS Children with AC diagnosed by typical clinical features and MRI findings were included in this(More)
In acoustic phonetics the vocal tract 1s of ten approximated by means of N successive cylindrical tubes of lengths Q. and cross-sectional l. wave transmitter. The wave is characterized by the sound pressure p(x,t) and the volume velocity u(x,t). The N-tube is terminated by a glottal acoustical resistance Z and a complex radiation load Z [Flanagan,1972]. g(More)
The next generation gravitational wave interferometric detectors will likely be underground detectors to extend the GW detection frequency band to frequencies below the Newtonian noise limit. Newtonian noise originates from the continuous motion of the Earth's crust driven by human activity, tidal stresses and seismic motion, and from mass density(More)
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