E Hautekeete

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Isolated pituitary cells from 14-day-old female, 14-day-old male, and adult male rats were separated into several fractions by unit gravity sedimentation. With preparations from 14-day-old animals, the percentage of basophils increased from top to bottom of the gradient. The bottom fractions contained large basophils with a purity attaining almost 90% in(More)
When dispersed pituitary cells from 14-day-old female rats were sedimented in a bovine serum albumin gradient, a fraction was isolated which consisted of almost 90 percent of large cells that stained purple in the periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) reaction. Immunostaining indicated that over 85 percent of these PAS-purple cells were gonadotrophs containing both(More)
Isolated pituitary cells from 14-day-old male and female and adult male rats were separated into enriched populations of gonadotrophs by velocity sedimentation at unit gravity. The cells, collected from five gradient fractions, were established in monolayer culture. Hormone content and hormonal secretion in response to LHRH were measured after 3 days in(More)
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