E.H. Wang

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Although mature mammalian retinal ganglion cells normally fail to regrow injured axons, exposure to the molecular environment of the peripheral nervous system stimulates regenerative growth. The present study used dissociated rat retinal ganglion cells purified by immunopanning to identify peripheral nervous system-derived factors that promote axonal(More)
Stress is known to elicit various adaptive or maladaptive responses in the nervous system function. Psychophysical studies have revealed that stress exposure induced the changes in auditory response that can be interpreted as a transient, stress-induced hypersensitivity to sounds. However, the underlying neural mechanism remains unresolved. Thus, in this(More)
The Cancer Drug Discovery and Development series (Beverly A Teicher, series editor) is the definitive book series in cancer research and oncology, providing comprehensive coverage of specific topics and the field. Volumes cover the process of drug discovery, preclinical models in cancer research, specific drug target groups and experimental and approved(More)
Fanconi anemia complementation group F protein (FANCF) is a key factor, which maintains the function of FA/BRCA, a DNA damage response pathway. However, the functional role of FANCF in breast cancer has not been elucidated. We performed a specific FANCF-shRNA knockdown of endogenous FANCF in vitro. Cell viability was measured with a CCK-8 assay. DNA damage(More)
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