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1. When physiological condition is curvilinearly related to environmental conditions, the "op-timum" environmental condition is frequently determined by intersecting two straight lines. 2. Errors in this method are discussed, and a more precise method is suggested. 3. The curvilinear function is described by polynomial regression. 4. Optimum values of the(More)
Proximate (live mass, water, lipid, ash, non-fat organic), caloric, nitrogen, and mineral (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron) concentrations and total body content of individuals of 24 species of Neotropical and Paleotropical bats were determined. Mass-related, concentration patterns were found for all measured variables, except iron.(More)
1. Analysis of nitrogen, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium levels in big brown bat guano throughout much of the summer roosting period was performed. 2. Based on the tenet that low, non-variable levels of an element in feces indicate dietary inadequacy for that element, female big brown bats are routinely and severely stressed for calcium and(More)
Growth rates of mammalian young are closely linked to the ability of the mother to provide nutrients; thus, milk composition and yield provide a direct measure of maternal investment during lactation in many mammals. We studied changes in milk composition and output throughout lactation in a free-ranging population of the omnivorous bat, Phyllostomus(More)
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