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Spin-dependent lepton-nucleon scattering data have been used to investigate the validity of the concept of quark-hadron duality for the spin asymmetry A1. Longitudinally polarized positrons were scattered off a longitudinally polarized hydrogen target for values of Q2 between 1.2 and 12 GeV2 and values of W2 between 1 and 4 GeV2. The average double-spin(More)
Measurements of polarized electron-nucleon scattering can be realized at the TESLA linear collider facility with projected luminosities that are about two orders of magnitude higher than those expected of other experiments at comparable energies. Longitudinally polarized electrons, accelerated as a small fraction of the total current in the e + arm of(More)
  • P Lenisa, F Rathmann, +17 authors S Yaschenko
  • 2004
A polarized antiproton beam at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research, proposed by the PAX collaboration, will open a window to new physics uniquely accessible at the new High Energy Storage Ring. Our proposal to realize an asymmetric collider, in which polarized protons with momenta of about 3.5 GeV/c collide with polarized antiprotons with momenta(More)