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Thirty-one patients from 12 to 19 years of age having idiopathic scoliosis underwent electromyography of the paraspinal musculature using a Teflon-coated monopolar electrode. The studies conducted with the patients both prone and standing revealed no abnormalities on electrode insertion suggestive of a neuropathic process. In the prone position 29 patients(More)
The clinical features of multifocal subacute pyogenic osteomyelitis are: insidious onset; the absence of toxic reaction; radiographic appearance of a bone neoplasm. In a 14-year-old boy, immobilization and appropriate antibiotics produced symptomatic improvement and radiographic evidence of healing reactive bone above both bone lesions.
A continuing education examination of estrogen therapy is discussed. The most common indication of estrogen therapy is for replacement in menopausal women. Estrogens can also be used in the treatment of certain types of cancer such as prostatic cancer. A diagnosis of estrogen deficiency must be established first and then estrogen therapy must be(More)
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