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INTRODUCTION Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer occurring in women. These cancers may rarely develop within ectopic breast tissue. We report a case of ectopic axillary lobular carcinoma presenting as an isolated skin lesion with prolonged evolution. CASE-REPORT A 62 year-old women had a cutaneous lesion located in her left axilla for the past 4(More)
BACKGROUND Hallucinogenic drugs were used to treat alcoholic patients in the past, and recent developments in the study of hallucinogens led to a renewal of interest regarding the application of these drugs in the treatment of addiction. In this scenario, accumulating evidence suggests that the hallucinogenic brew ayahuasca (Aya) may have therapeutic(More)
Two patients with ankylosing spondylitis were found to have IgA nephropathy and leucocytoclastic cutaneous vasculitis. Immunofluorescence showed perivascular deposition of IgA in the skin of one patient and in the mesangium of both patients. Such an association has been reported only once before. This supports the concept of abnormal IgA immune stimulation(More)
Smooth muscle hamartoma is an uncommon cutaneous dysembryoplasia usually diagnosed in infancy. Among the 61 cases published since 1923, 56 were congenital and 3 appeared in young adults. We report a case in which the lesions started at the age of 15 years as a papular plaque in the right mammary region of a young woman. A review of the literature showed(More)
BACKGROUND MALT (Mucosal Associated Lymphoid Tissue) lymphomas of the conjunctiva belong to the extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphomas. This site, while standard, is uncommon. CASE-REPORT A pink papular tumor developed on the lower eyelid of a 59-year-old woman. Sarcoidosis was diagnosed 9 years earlier associated with mediastinal lymphadenopathy and(More)
The aim of this work is to present some alternatives to improve the performance of an Evolutionary Algorithm applied to the problem known as the Oil Collecting Vehicle Routing Problem. Some proposals based on the insertion of Local Search and Data Mining modules in a Genetic Algorithm (GA) are presented. Four algorithms were developed: a Genetic Algorithm,(More)