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We derive and analyze two equivalent integral formulations for the time-harmonic electromagnetic scattering by a dielectric object. One is a volume integral equation (VIE) with a strongly singular kernel and the other one is a coupled surface-volume system of integral equations with weakly singular kernels. The analysis of the coupled system is based on(More)
This work considers the flow of a fluid containing one disperse substance consisting of small particles that belong to different species differing in size and density. The flow is modelled by combining a multilayer shallow water approach with a polydisperse sedimentation process. This technique allows one to keep information on the vertical distribution of(More)
In this work we present a mutilayer approach to the solution of non-stationnary 3D Navier-Stokes equations. We use piecewise smooth weak solutions. We approximate the velocity by a piecewise constant (in z) horizontal velocity and a linear (in z) vertical velocity in each layer, possibly discontinuous across layer interfaces. The multilayer approach is(More)
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