E. H. K. Fung

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In the textile and clothing industry, much research has been conducted on fabric defect automatic detection and classification. However, little research has been done to evaluate specifically the stitching defects of a garment. In this study, a stitching detection and classification technique is presented, which combines the improved thresholding method(More)
Na(+)/Ca(2+)-K(+) exchangers (NCKX; gene family SLC24) are plasma membrane Ca(2+) transporters that mediate the extrusion of one Ca(2+) ion and one K(+) ion in exchange for four Na(+) ions. NCKX is modeled to have two sets of five transmembrane segments separated by a large cytosolic loop; within each set of transmembrane segments are regions of internal(More)
This paper applies an intelligent technique based on fuzzy-genetic algorithm for automatically detecting failures in aircraft. The fuzzy-genetic algorithm constructs the automatic fault detection system for monitoring aircraft behaviors. Fuzzy-based classifier is employed to estimates the time of occurrence and types of actuator failure. Genetic algorithms(More)
In automatic flight control system or autopilots, multiple specifications criteria are needed to be satisfied concurrently, such as good holding (small static altitude holding error), fast response, smooth transition (less oscillation, overshoot). So how to design the MSS (Multiple Simultaneous Specification) controller effectively and practically is a very(More)
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