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This study describes the biodegradation of phenanthrene in aqueous media in the presence and in the absence of a surfactant, Brij 30. Biodegradations were performed using either Pseudomonas putida DSMZ 8368 or a bacterial consortium Pyr01 isolated from one PAHs-polluted site. P. putida degraded phenanthrene to form 1-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid (1H2Na) as the(More)
A method and software tool to develop patterns of protein families has been designed. These patterns are intended for the identification of local similarities in arbitrary amino acid sequences with proteins of the SWISS-PROT bank. The method is based on the physical, chemical and structural properties of amino acids. It assembles a 'best set' of elements (a(More)
A plane H-polarised electromagnetic wave propagates in the x-direction on a periodic stratified dielectric structure with a period a. A diagonal tensor describes the permittivity of strata. Fields with electric walls in planes of symmetry x = /spl plusmn/a/4 can be found from dispersion equations. The dispersion equation for fields with magnetic walls in(More)
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