E. H. Erik H. Ström

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BACKGROUND Fruit has since long been advocated as a healthy source of many nutrients, however, the high content of sugars in fruit might be a concern. OBJECTIVES To study effects of an increased fruit intake compared with similar amount of extra calories from nuts in humans. METHODS Thirty healthy non-obese participants were randomized to either(More)
Dr. E.H. Ström, Institute of Pathology, Schönbeinstrasse 40, CH-4003 Basel (Switzerland) Dear Sir, Several studies have demonstrated the presence of IgA nephropathy (IgA-N) in up to 50% of patients with liver cirrhosis [1]. Alcohol-induced cirrhosis has been the most common liver disease associated with IgA-N. However, renal IgA deposits are frequently(More)
OBJECTIVE Little is known about human postprandial increase of energy expenditure and satiety-associated hormones in relation to both meal frequency and macronutrient composition. DESIGN Randomized cross-over study with four conditions for each participant. METHODS Seven men and seven women (mean age 23±1.5years) were randomly assigned to the order of(More)
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