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The hormones hydrocortisone (HC) and triiodothyronine (T3) are known to regulate myelinogenic parameters in cultures of brain cells. However, the effect of glucocorticoids on the myelin-specific metabolite, myelin basic protein, has not been previously studied. In the present studies we show that the concentrations of myelin basic protein (MBP) in(More)
Cultures of cells dissociated from embryonic mouse cerebra were used to demonstrate: (1) that the developmental expression of the mRNA of proteolipid protein is dependent on thyroid hormone; (2) that the expression of the mRNA of proteolipid protein is stimulated not only by triiodothyronine but also by hydrocortisone, which achieve their respective(More)
Primary cultures enriched in neurons dissociated from embryonic rat cerebra were used to demonstrate that platelet activating factor and the structurally related ether glycerolipid, dodecylglycerol, are readily taken up in small amounts by neurons and that they stimulate the differentiation of neurons. The stimulation of neuronal differentiation was(More)
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