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In this paper, we show how to calibrate a camera and to recover the geometry and the photometry (textures) of objects from a single image. The aim of this work is to make it possible walkthrough and augment reality in a 3D model reconstructed from a single image. The calibration step does not need any calibration target and makes only four assumptions: (1)(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine whether symmetrical or asymmetrical equilibrium training can enhance the proprioceptive input of the left versus right supporting leg (SL) motor control. METHODS Proprioceptive input was tested using a seesaw platform through a cross-sectional study. The total spectral energy was recorded and divided into 0-2 and 2-20Hz frequency(More)
Vascular complications associated with locked intramedullary tibial nailing are infrequent but always serious, with a secondary amputation rate of 30%. These complications, based on an MR study of the anatomic relationships between the interlocking screws and the neurovascular or articular structures at the proximal end of the tibia, have been analysed. Two(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of physical training on subjective vertical perception with the different head positions in order to explore the involving of the neck proprioception. Visual field dependence was assessed using a rod and frame test on women practising judo or dance (international level) or no specific physical(More)
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