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A method was previously developed for computation of pattern probabilities in random sequences under Markov chain models. We extend this method to the calculation of the joint distribution for two patterns. An application yields the distribution of the right choice measure for expressivity and how significance bounds depend on sequence length. These bounds(More)
Selective catalytic carbonylation of the trisubstituted double bond of citronellic acid is enabled via an isomerization–functionali-zation approach. Alkoxycarbonylation with [{1,2-(t Bu 2 PCH 2) 2 C 6 H 4 }-Pd(OTf) 2 ] as a catalyst precursor occurs with >97% selectivity for the terminal diester dimethyl-3,7-dimethylnonane-dioate. This prevails much over(More)
Free radical polymerization of ethylene in an intermediate pressure and temperature range (P(ethylene) < 250 bar and 50 °C < T < 90 °C) in the presence of an organic solvent has been studied. Under selected conditions (P, T) and according to the amount of organic solvent added, either a supercritical monophasic or a biphasic medium is obtained. In the case(More)
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