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A method was previously developed for computation of pattern probabilities in random sequences under Markov chain models. We extend this method to the calculation of the joint distribution for two patterns. An application yields the distribution of the right choice measure for expressivity and how significance bounds depend on sequence length. These bounds(More)
Selective catalytic carbonylation of the trisubstituted double bond of citronellic acid is enabled via an isomerization–functionali-zation approach. Alkoxycarbonylation with [{1,2-(t Bu 2 PCH 2) 2 C 6 H 4 }-Pd(OTf) 2 ] as a catalyst precursor occurs with >97% selectivity for the terminal diester dimethyl-3,7-dimethylnonane-dioate. This prevails much over(More)
A new route to α,ω-diene urethane monomer is proposed by converting 10-undecenoic acid into the corresponding acyl azide, followed by urethanization with 10-undecenol. ADMET polymerizations of this α,ω-diene urethane monomer as well as other bio-based α,ω-dienes bearing various organic functions (ester, carbonate, ether, amide) were carried out in bulk and(More)
During analysis of pure isoprene by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC-MS) using a programmed temperature vaporization (PTV) inlet, the presence of several isoprene dimers was detected in the total ion chromatograms (TICs). This study intends to determine the part of the instrument where dimerization occurs and the relative importance of the dimer(More)
Ring opening metathesis polymerization of the natural sesquiter-penes caryophyllene and humulene, optionally complemented by exhaustive post-polymerization hydrogenation, yields non-cross-linked linear polymers with unprecedented microstructures reflecting the specific scaffolds of the feedstocks and with low glass transition temperatures in the range from(More)
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