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We describe in this paper a neural network method for the detection of compositional constraints in introns and exons. The first part of the algorithm (learning phase) consisted in presenting examples of intron and exon sequences to the network and in modifying its connections using the back-propagation algorithm. Previous connectionist methods achieved the(More)
In arthropods, development is controlled by cholesterol-derived steroid hormones: the ecdysteroids. In vertebrates and insects, steroidogenesis is positively regulated and this is mediated by cAMP. In crustaceans, ecdysteroid biosynthesis by steroidogenic organs (Y-organs) is negatively regulated by a neuropeptide, the Molt Inhibiting Hormone (MIH). This(More)
Modularity is the main characteristic of the biological systems and especially of the brain 2]. For example , Vision can be described as the interactions of diierent processing systems 1]. Physiologists relate two pathways from the retina. The rst conveys information from the retina to the cortical areas, where specialized areas analyse the visual data(More)
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