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To determine the type of serotonergic receptor involved in the modulation of noradrenergic neuronal activity in the locus coeruleus, the effects of 4 systemically administered serotonergic drugs were tested on the firing rate of noradrenergic neurons in the locus coeruleus of rats under chloral hydrate anaesthesia. The serotonergic agonist, quipazine (1(More)
Previous studies have indicated a 5-HT2-mediated inhibitory influence on unit activity in the locus coeruleus. In the present work, attempts were made to determine which area(s) of the brain is (are) involved in this effect: (1) Microiontophoretic application of serotoninergic compounds (quipazine, ketanserin, RU 24969 (Roussel Uclaf),(More)
Partial rhizotomy (section of dorsal roots C5 to Th 1 included) leads to abnormal mutilating behavior in the rat, presumably due to pain sensation in the deafferented limb. As dopamine (DA) has been shown to play a role in analgesia, destruction and stimulation of the ventral tegmental area (VTA) were used to check whether they induced an increase or a(More)
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