E. Gordon Powell

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Hemoglobin Setif produces pseudosickling of red cells in vitro; the nature of the process and the conditions that "trigger" it are unknown. Studies of red cells, hemolysates, purified hemoglobin solutions, and artificial mixtures of Hb A and Setif suggest that pseudosickling is produced by intracellular crystallization of insoluble hemoglobin. Increased(More)
Study of a large Anglo-Saxon family with beta-thalassaemia trait revealed evidence of consanguinity, moreover both branches of the family shared a Spanish ancestor. The manifestations of the disorder were varied in severity and yet the degree of severity appeared to breed true within any individual part of the family. Our explanation for the inheritance(More)
The TMELT-8 Hematology Analyzer is a fully automated cell counter which utilizes laser light scattering and hydrodynamic focusing to provide an 8 parameter whole blood count. The instrument consists of a sample handler with ticket printer, and a data handler with visual display unit, It accepts 100 microliter samples of venous or capillary blood and prints(More)
A Turkish Cypriot family was investigated for suspected heterozygous sickle cell disease, which had been reported in a maternal branch of the family resident in England. Two maternal grandparents were of African Negro origin. Pseudosickling was noted in members of the family who were found to have an abnormal hemoglobin fraction. This abnormal fraction(More)
A survey of Sydney Hospital staff members for Au antigenaemia was performed during a six-month period in 1972. Nine hundred and forty-six staff members were tested by the immunoelectroosmophoresis (IEOP) method and two asymptomatic chronic carriers were detected. Subsequently, it has been hospital policy to test all new staff members. Eight hundred and(More)
BACKGROUND Sagittal displacement in patients with end stage ankle arthritis has been described as the tibiotalar ratio (TTR). Yet the incidence, distribution and predictive factors of talolisthesis are unknown. METHODS The radiographs of 470 cases of ankle arthritis were compared with a control group of 49 normal ankles. The TTR was measured for both(More)
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