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<italic>Gabriel is a retargetable software system for the development of assembly code and microcode for single or multiple programmable DSPs. It is intended to ease code development even for processors that are not easy targets for conventional compilers. Code generation for the Motorola DSP56001 is emphasized. A Thor-based simulator supplies a variety of(More)
  • J Bier, E Goei, +17 authors Multiprocessor Scheduling
  • 1991
In this project, we are studying a new type of multi-processor DSP architecture made by Star Semiconductor Corporation, and called the Sproc. This architecture is unique in that a single central memory is shared without contention among four processors on the same die. Programming is via block diagrams with semantics closely related to dataflow graphs.(More)
reach by simulating the execution of the graph by a dynamic dataflow machine. This type of search suffices, for the system in this figure, to show that the subsystem consisting of actors 2, 3, and 4 never need have more than one token on any arc. Furthermore , it behaves as a whole like a synchronous actor, reading one token from actor 1 and writing one(More)
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