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An account of the biological and contentive features of the derma is followed by a proposal for its utilisation in the form of an autologous, free dermo-adipose graft in the management of some forms of post-operative laparocele. Personal experience and technique are explained. Grafts are used both for reinforcement of the wall after simple laparoplasty and(More)
Teleangectasia is of interest to the general practitioner, though rather ignored by pathologists and hence not easily dealt with as an organic whole. The clinical pictures of congnita and acquired (idiopathic and symptomatic forms) are explained. Treatments indicated for different forms include: surgical diathermy, injection of sclerosing substances,(More)
The literature methods for cranioplasty in the repair of losses of bone substance are described. Autologous bone grafts from the iliac ala or the ribs are used at the Turin University Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Department. A method using solid silicone is also employed and will be discussed in greater detail in a subsequent paper. Three illustrative(More)
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