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Adrenals of young adult male mice kept on a LD 12:12 lighting regimen for three weeks prior to study and harvested at four different circadian stages were incubated for 2 hours with 0.4 IU synthetic ACTH in 2 ml Krebs-Ringer buffer (KR), or with 50, 150, and 450 microM of melatonin in KR containing 0.4 IU ACTH. The addition of melatonin to ACTH leads to a(More)
Cultured cells from pineal glands of human fetuses release into their media a substance that has antidiuretic and hydroosmotic activities. The ratio of these activities as well as their susceptibility to tryptic digestion, specific oxidative inactivation by tyrosinase, and reductive inactivation by sodium thioglycollate, indicates the presence of a basic(More)
The action of aminotriasole (amitrol) and atrazine in doses of 0.001--1 mg and 0.0001--.01 mg/1.5 ml medium, respectively, upon cell cultures of human thyroid was studied in order to find out their influence on cell multiplication, proteic synthesis, enzymatic activity of thyroid cells, and hormonal synthesis. The results varied according to the dose(More)
The effects of prometrin and terbutrin in doses of 0.001--1 mg/1.5 ml culture medium on human thyroid cell cultures were studied following up their influence on cell multipliction, proteic synthesis, enzymatic activity of thyroid cells and hormonal synthesis. The results differed in relation to the dose and the type of thyroid cell under study. The acute(More)
The influence of aminotriazole (ATA), atrazine (ATZ), prometryne (P) and ATC on T4 to T3 conversion in kidney and liver cell cultures in the presence or absence of cysteine was studied. The experiment was carried out on cell cultures (rat renal cells and human embryo cells) and organotypic cultures (rat liver cells), treated with the above mentioned(More)
The reactivity of thyroid cancer cells treated with estradiol (E) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHA) in the presence of other hormones (TSH, STH, insulin), myopeptide and some pesticides (aminotriazole--ATA, atrazine--ATZ, prometryne--P and ATC) proved to be active in the culture medium. Protein synthesis in sclerosing folliculo-papillary cancer cells under(More)
Prolactin was measured in the serum and hypophysis of the male rat after five days of oral administration of malathion in suspension (200 mg/kg body), alone or associated with pimozide (a psychotropic drug). The release of prolactin observed in the group treated with malathion was lower (19.97 +/- 7.27 ng/ml) than in the groups treated with malathion and(More)
The authors have studied the reactivity of cold thyroid nodule cells (CN) by comparison with the reactivity of normal thyroid cells (Ty), hot nodules cells (N), Graves' disease cells (G) and cells from the area proximal to cold nodules (TyC), under the influence of increased amounts of T3, TSH, STH, insulin, estradiol and KI present in the culture medium.(More)