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REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY The effects of lidocaine combined with medetomidine or lidocaine alone on cardiovascular function during anaesthesia and their effects on recovery have not been thoroughly investigated in isoflurane-anaesthetised horses. OBJECTIVES To determine the effects of an intraoperative i.v. constant rate infusion of lidocaine combined(More)
We report an experimental observation of third-order nonlinear absorption by quantum interference in (87)Rb atoms cooled and confined in a magneto-optic trap. A coupling laser creates electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) in a multilevel Rb system in which the third-order nonlinear absorption is enhanced by constructive quantum interference while(More)
UNLABELLED Autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) has improved outcome in long-term studies of joint repair in man. However, ACI requires sutured periosteal flaps to secure the cells, which precludes minimally-invasive implantation, and introduces complications with arthrofibrosis and graft hypertrophy. This study evaluated ACI on a collagen type I/III(More)
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