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The authors utilized a recently developed DNA probe technique to obtain quantitative data on occurrence of Vibrio cholerae in samples collected monthly from 12 environmental sites in Lima, Peru, from November 1993 through March 1995. Peak V. cholerae counts ranged from 10(2)/ml to 10(5)/ml, with the highest counts in sewage-contaminated areas and irrigation(More)
The sea urchin has long been used as an invertebrate model organism in developmental biology, membrane transport and sperm oocyte interactions, and for the assessment of marine pollution. This review explores the effects of cryopreservation and biobanking in the biology and development of sea urchins, all the way from germaplasm through to juveniles. This(More)
In this study, mature female mice of the ICR strain were induced to superovultate, mated, and collected at either zygote or early morula stages. Embryos suspended in 1 M ethylene glycol in PBS containing 10 mg/L Snomax for 15 min, then transferred in sample holder to Linkam cryostage, cooled to and seeded at 7 °C, and then observed and photographed while(More)
Complex simulations and numerical experiments typically rely on a number of parameters and have an associated score function, e.g. with the goal of maximizing accuracy or minimizing computation time. However, the influence of each individual parameter is often poorly understood a priori and the joint parameter space can be difficult to explore, visualize(More)
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