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Three allotypes of IgG were identified in pig. Based on data obtained on electrophoretic mobility as well as on results of the International Comparative Test ISABR for pig blood group, polymorphic proteins and enzymes (1987-1988), the allotypes are specified as markers of two different IgG subclasses and are referred to as IgG1a, IgG2b and IgG2c. The former(More)
A bank of reagents for hog serum protein allotypes has been created. All of these allotypes passed international comparison tests in 1987-1988. The bank can be used for typing the animals for four generally accepted (Gp, LpB, Lpr, and IgGH) and several experimental systems. In this study, immunogenetic characteristics of some pig breeds (Large White,(More)
A series of intraspecific immunizations of pigs by whole blood serum in complete Freund's adjuvant was performed. Four allo-antisera to different serum allotypes were obtained. These allotypes were assigned to A1, B1, C1 and D1. The results of identification show that the allotype A1 is probably a marker of immunoglobulin G. The allotypes B1, C1 and D1 were(More)
Antisera to 15 allotypes of pig serum protein were raised and compared with those prepared elsewhere, within the framework of International Comparison Test of pig blood groups and polymorphic proteins and enzymes in 1987-1988. Of 15 allotypes tested 8 were found to coincide with the known GpB, GpD, GpA, Gpa, IGH3 C1, Lpb3, Lpb12, Lbr1. For 7 allotypes left,(More)
The results of genetic study on linkage of Lpm locus with peptidase B gene are presented. Investigation of 111 offspring back-crosses shows that Lpm allotypes and allelic variants of peptidase B are inherited in concert. The frequency of recombination between the Lpm locus and peptidase B gene is 11 +/- 3% in male. Since it was earlier established that(More)
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