E G Kazanetz

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PURPOSE Homozygosity for Hb D-Punjab (or Hb D-Los Angeles; codon 121; GAA-->CAA) is rare among Arabs. The co-inheritance of Hb D with beta(0)-thalassemia trait is even rarer, with only 10 previous cases reported worldwide. PATIENTS AND METHODS We present clinical and hematological data for two Hb D homozygotes and three compound heterozygotes for Hb(More)
We have identified a valine-->methionine mutation at position 67 of the beta chain in the hemoglobin of a young Russian patient with severe hemolytic disease, anemia, splenomegaly, Heinz body formation, and continued requirement for blood transfusions despite an early splenectomy. Sequencing of amplified DNA readily identified a GTG-->ATG mutation at codon(More)
We analyzed blood samples from more than 200 normal adults, and quantified their Hb F by cation-exchange high-performance liquid chromatography. In several subjects with slightly elevated Hb F (0.4-4.3%), we determined the Ggamma levels in the Hb F and DNA sequence variations in the locus control region II and in the Ggamma and Agamma promoters. About 25%(More)
We have identified silent amino acid substitutions in two alpha chain variants present in families from Iowa, USA, and Granada, Spain. Both involve an alanine residue in the core peptide, namely Ala-->Val at position 111 (codon change in the alpha 2 gene; GCC->GTC; Hb Anamosa) and Ala-->Ser at position 123 (codon change in the alpha 1 gene; GCC-->TCC; Hb(More)
Several members of a large Caucasian family who presented with a congenital Heinz body hemolytic anemia were found to be carriers of the unstable Hb Bibba or alpha 2 136(H19)Leu-->Pro beta 2. Identification by protein analysis was hampered by the instability of the variant which complicated its isolation from shipped blood samples. Moreover, the detection(More)
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