E. G. A. J. de Bruin

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The notion of Conceptual Process Model 1 , and its pivotal role between analysis of an operational business process and its redesign are discussed. The CPM, constituting the indispensable actions to be executed in a business process, provides guidance to engineers in creating redesign options as the model can be elaborated in various ways depending on(More)
This article uses a new data set on the incidence of financial participation in large publicly-traded firms in six European Union countries and Germany) to evaluate the possible complementarities between participatory practices. We find evidence that broad-based profit-sharing schemes are related to both direct and indirect participation, but we do not find(More)
The carrageenan pleurisy model, which is characterized by cellular influx and oedema, has been used to examine the effects of anti-inflammatory compounds such as naproxen. Interleukin-1alpha and beta (IL-1) are known to be pro-inflammatory mediators, and their roles in this model are unknown. Intrapleural injection of 1% viscarin carrageenan or saline was(More)
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