E Gümüsburun

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A variation of the brachial plexus characterized by the absence of the musculocutaneous nerve on both sides was observed during the dissection of a 72 year-old female cadaver. The long thoracic nerve included only the fibers from C5 and C6 on the left side. The musculocutaneous nerve was absent and two branches from the lateral cord innervated the(More)
More than one notch and/or foramen may be found in the supraorbital region due to branching of the supraorbital nerves and vessels. A total of 360 adult Anatolian-Ottoman skulls (212 male, 148 female) were examined for some characteristics of the notches and/or foramina in the supraorbital region. The distribution of the supraorbital traits: 335 (93%) in(More)
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