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An inexpensive technique is described for measuring eyelid closure during classical (Pavlovian) conditioning experiments. This technique employs a Coulbourn Instruments Co. densitometric device that focuses a beam of infrared light on the cornea. Reflection of the light is interrupted by the eyelids when they are closed, which is sensed by an infrared(More)
A theory of electrocardiography based on a fixed-location, eccentric-dipole representation of ventricular depolarization and a homogeneous, resistive, linear medium in the shape of the human torso yields quantitative predictions of instantaneous amplitude and shape of QRS body surface potentials on one normal human subject to an accuracy of approximately(More)
Automotive systems are increasingly distributed and complex. Reduced time-to-market, cost and safety concerns require advance validation of the integrated systems and its components, from the functional, timing, and reliability standpoints. In particular, function correctness and performance may depend on communication and computation delays imposed by the(More)
A detailed model for the simulation of boilers using oil, gas, pellets or wood chips has been developed and compared with measurements. Approaches of different complexity for the simulation of steady state flue gas losses were tested. The more physical approaches are able to reproduce measured data better than the simpler empirical models, but they also(More)