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The cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) characterizes stage-II coma according to Fischgold and Mathis. Its evolution and prognostic value are still uncertain. An analytic investigation of CAP and its components (phase A of greater arousal and phase B of lesser arousal) was conducted on a patient with post-traumatic coma who completely recovered. The(More)
Transient hemiballismus was observed in a 74-year-old man, displaying subclavian steal syndrome. Such a correlation has not been previously reported in the literature. In this case, transient hemiballismus seemed to depend on hemodynamic factors, but other mechanisms possibly explaining early recovery of the hyperkinesias are discussed. In particular,(More)
A patient with facial myokymia, suffering from an infiltrating grade II astrocytoma originating within the pons with vegetations invading the cerebellopontine angle, was studied clinically and electromyographically from 1973 to 1979. The myokymias started in the muscles of the right side of the face and later spread to the left side. The latter point is(More)
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