E. Folegatti

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1. A survey was carried out to assess some welfare indicators in broilers reared by the largest poultry companies in Italy, to determine whether they accord with European proposal COM (2005) 221 final. 2. Productive traits, carcase injuries and foot dermatitis were recorded from 279,640 broiler chickens reared in winter and in summer in 5 farms(More)
1. The objective was to compare the effect of two litter types (wheat straw and wood shavings) and two different rearing conditions (Treated and Control) on welfare indicators, broiler performance, carcase injuries, particularly hock and foot pad dermatitis (FPD), litter characteristics and meat quality. 2. Treated conditions were characterised by a low(More)
The influence of the season and market class of broiler chickens on breast meat quality traits was determined on a total of 18 flocks reared and processed under commercial conditions. According to the Italian poultry production system the following classes of birds were considered: light size (1.2 kg of carcass weight; n = 90) and medium size (1.8 kg of(More)
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