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UNLABELLED Genomic islands (GIs) are large chromosomal regions present in a subset of bacterial strains that increase the fitness of the organism under specific conditions. We compared the complete genome sequences of two Vibrio vulnificus strains YJ016 and CMCP6 and identified 14 regions (ranging in size from 14 to 117 kb), which had the characteristics of(More)
We have studied the spatial distribution of IS1 elements in the genomes of natural isolates comprising the ECOR reference collection of Escherichia coli. We find evidence for nonrandomness at three levels. Many pairs of IS1 elements are in much closer proximity (< 10 kb) than can be accounted for by chance. IS1 elements in close proximity were identified by(More)
Acknowledgements Professor Marc Rosenblum deserves my deepest appreciation for his patient guidance and insightful analysis. Throughout this project, his wide-reaching grasp of the scientific method and his keen interest in comparative political science provided the light needed to travel this path of discovery. In addition, I am thankful for the advice and(More)
In this work, we developed a novel method to generate comparison trees based on characteristics collected from metabolic networks of bacteria. We characterize each bacterial genome&#x02019;s metabolism by the occurrence frequencies of various chemical reactions classified by enzyme commission numbers, and by the correlation of the reaction types for any two(More)
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